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A portrait of two lost donkeys

A portrait of two lost donkeysThe latest rescues are two jennies in their twenties. Mona and Lisa roamed hundreds of acres for 25 years unattended, unhandled, suffering hoof disorders, hoof overgrowth and pain.
DWWH was contacted by  new, near neighbours who were concerned by the absentee owner's lack of care.

We captured the jennies twice a year during the past five years, transporting and erecting our stockyard panels, enticing the jennies with hay to enter the yards. From serious and dangerous initial encounters evolved trust and a bond to allow hoof care to begin. Finally the time arrived for the jennies to be floated to icu for daily care and hoof mending. Our vet has attended the jennies and with ongoing encouragement the intensive hoof care continues.

If you wish to view the 30 seconds of vet video text your email address to 0497 580 598 requesting it. You're on our heart to heart list for your interest in these special jennies.