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Our Story

The association operates with a constitution, rules and objects. The committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting and meets regularly throughout the year.

Donkey Welfare With Heart Incorporated (DWWH Inc.) was established to provide care and sanctuary for donkeys in need. Most donkeys in need have health or temperament issues that require experienced and professional attention to remedy the problems. Every donkey entering our charity's care receives the best comfort and assistance immediately upon arrival. Regardless of  age, state of health or temperament, every donkey is given medical treatment, food, shelter, a donkey companion and kind handling plus all the love we can provide. When the final moment of life is apparent, a dying donkey is given a dignified and peaceful departure, comforted by volunteers and carers.

An essential part of welfare work is to provide support and education to owners of donkeys to try to eliminate the need for welfare in the donkey world. We organise training and information days, seminars and sell books on donkey care and management.


"We've been doing it for donkey's years."

We have a long history of helping and rehabilitating donkeys. There is a combined tally of almost 500 years service among the volunteers. This ensures a variety of  professional, skilled and knowledgeable services for every donkey that comes to our attention. Since 1977 volunteers have been able to relieve unhappiness, distress, discomfort and pain to donkeys in need.

There is no distance too far to be travelled, no limit to the hours spent on a particular donkey's needs, no limit to the day-to-day care that provides feed, medications, hoof and dental care, all physical comforts and security for donkeys. Thousands of hours have been given to donkeys in need since 1977. The work of this charity has a strong, successful background and all duties are undertaken with the highest standards at all times - all for the love of donkeys.

Christine Berry OAM

"Taking care of donkey matters - because donkeys matter."

Donkey Welfare With Heart was founded by Christine Berry OAM whose work among donkeys in need throughout Australia and overseas has world-wide recognition. Christine was awarded the Order of Australia medal in 1999 for her services to donkey welfare.


"The friendly donkey folk."

A band of 40 passionate, dedicated, skilled and reliable volunteers, 18 years to 80 years, work as a team from dawn to dusk and beyond. Some volunteers commenced their participation in 1977. Today they are sharing their knowledge and abilities with the new volunteers. The team undertakes the duties of day-to-day care, rehabilitation, handling and all rescue work for donkeys in need, mindful of the Code of Conduct adopted by DWWH.

Regardless of weather conditions, the volunteers undertake the caring roles with enthusiasm and compassion for donkeys in need.

Duties include feeding, maintenance, stable cleaning, grazing management, grooming, deworming programmes, hoof care routines along with comforting and nursing donkeys recovering from surgical procedures provided by the charity's honorary veterinarian.



Subscription to quarterly newsletter is $35 per annum. Contact secretary by email or text
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