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DWWH hospital and intensive care damaged

DWWH hospital and intensive care unit at Bishops Bridge suffered major
damage in a wind storm on April 15.

A five tonne gum tree crashed onto sheds and stockyards sheltering
Joseph and George at the time.

The terrified donkeys are lucky to be alive after the massive tree fell
onto their enclosures. Both donkeys are unharmed but were traumatised by
the event .

It took some time, care, support and extra love before they would return
to their enclosures once the tree was cleared.

Maitland SES crew responded quickly to remove the fallen tree from the
shed and yards. Meanwhile, tree cutters have been brought in to remove
the rest of the giant trunk from grazing paddocks.

The estimated damage to our shed and stockyards comes to thousands of
dollars and we need urgent donations, materials and offers of labour to
repair the damage.

Joseph has received extra time and TLC from volunteers since his
traumatic storm experience.