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UNA update

Una (left) Dr Gelderman and Ikarumba

Una (left) Dr Gelderman and Ikarumba

This week during 40-year-old Una's grooming session we noticed an abdominal oedema, approximately the size of a saucer. Veterinary consultation was requested.

DWWH Veterinarian, Dr Gelderman, examined Una noting she has a normal heart beat and respiratory rate, good hydration, ideal body condition and strong well trimmed hooves. We could confirm her appetite was normal and her interaction with volunteers and paddock companions was her usual and delightful 'busy-body' personality.

The Vet recommended a twice daily, ten day course of antibiotics for Una. If the swelling doesn't improve after the course, pathology samples will give a possible cause and further treatment will follow.

We take pride in providing the best possible medical care for every donkey in our association.

Please know past patient Mona is walking much more comfortably and ongoing hoof restructure will hopefully bring a full recovery of normal hoofs. Mona's best friend, Lisa, has made significant physical and emotional improvement since her dental issues were treated by Dr Gelderman. She is no longer suffering, so she's happy.