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Winter Update

Winter is half way through its term. The pasture is not growing and any ‘pick’ available to the donkeys has low nutrient value.

We provide round bales daily for the main herd to keep them satisfied and nourished. They enjoy the body warmth promoted by roughage from the hay they eat.

The many senior donkeys‘ supplemental feed is offered daily in buckets. Individuals are provided with a ration of chaff, bran, a sprinkle of rolled barley and a few black sunflower seeds according to need. Supplements ensure good health and adequate nourishment. Each geriatric has his or her own bucket and is led into a separate area so there is no sharing, bullying or swapping.

Every donkey has hay and straw available at all times, plus essential shelter to provide protection from the cold temperatures, wind, frost and rain.

Spring will be welcomed by everyone at Donkey Welfare With Heart.