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Daffodil, Pepe and Aye Carumba!

Just a selection of colourful donkey names at our Heartland property. And as any devoted donkey volunteer knows, the donkey's names and personalities are as varied and different as their body types and it is essential to know them all.

During one of our daily visits, we had one volunteer crying with laughter at the donkey's names and their delightful antics.

The volunteer was on a visit from Queensland and was happy to lend a hand with a check of the donkey's water supply.

We had been in need of a plumber and had kept a close check on the water troughs and fresh water supply.

Upon checking for any further water leaks, we introduced the volunteer to some of the curious donkeys who immediately bray and greet people coming onto the Heartland.

"This is Pepe, Daffodil and Aye Carumba." The volunteer shrieked with laughter at the curious, yet somehow fitting names.

As we drove along our purpose built gravel road to check on the Heartland, the volunteer noticed something even more curious.

A long and winding track all the way along the Heartland's dirt road between paddocks.

DWWH has often been asked if volunteers created the winding track with a piece of equipment. But it is actually created by the donkeys. It is their trail from one end of the Heartland to the other and it is never in a straight line.

We do not know why the donkeys choose to walk an uneven trail but there are the leaders and the followers and that's how they like it to be.

And that's how we know all is well in the donkey's lives at the Heartland.