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Donkey Welfare with Heart Open Day

It was a day of firsts for many of the hundreds of visitors who attended Donkey Welfare With Heart open day and official opening on Sunday, September 30.

A total of 356 people passed thought the gates to witness first hand the dedication, devotion and hard work of all at The Heartland - a home for rescue donkeys in need of care, located at Berry Park.

For some, it was the first time they had seen a donkey, for others it was the first time they had touched a donkey, or heard a donkey bray, and for most it was their first chance to talk to and hug a donkey to experience that soulful, peaceful feeling that only a donkey can impart.

These gentle equines were in their element as crowds of people greeted them and waved during the donkey parade led by the stirring sounds of Maitland Pipes and Drums Band.

The procession heralded the unveiling of The Heartland sign, a magnificent feature at the entry to the donkey's home.

Guests were thrilled to see donkeys at work through an obstacle course and in a snigging harness.

The different and varied sizes of all the donkeys - from miniatures to mammoth - was of great interest to all, along with the amazing colours of their coats and the legendary donkey's cross which all donkeys have along their back and shoulders.

The event was a huge success, enjoyed by all, and was a grand way to introduce the donkeys to the wider community.