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Happy New Year

Help is always just a phone call away at Donkey Welfare With Heart.

A donkey owner was distraught upon discovering his beloved donkey bogged and suffocating in the mud in the farm dam at dawn. (The drought has impacted upon the water volume of the dam hence the bogging of the animal.) DWWH was contacted for help. We applied a collar and rope to the donkey's neck and dragged his fragile, almost lifeless body to safety. He was relieved and breathed easily after his nostrils were cleared of mud.

Hours of comfort, towel drying and warm rugs to stop his shivering followed his ordeal.

With ageing owners unable to provide follow up intensive care the donkey was transported to DWWH ICU for a few days. On a sunny afternoon the donkey was washed and dried and given hay and chaff.

Upon his return home into a Paddock without dam access, we organised a large tub to supply clean water for the aged donkey, ensuring a repeat could not occur.

The aged donkey survived his ordeal with Donkey Welfare With Heart's expertise. Glad to be helpful once again.