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Say Hello to Jackson

Jackson is a 16 year old miniature gelding. He was homeless, hard to catch, fearful of humans with loud voices, aggressive body language, leadropes and halters. He was a nervous little donkey.

DWWH collected him and provided specialised daily attention to ensure he had a good new start in a new place, so his future would be happy.

After the mandatory intensive care admission Jackson was assessed for all health, hoof and social needs.
With tender loving care he developed trust for the volunteers at ICU.

Jackson had all his needs met, then a gentle gelding named Pepe was introduced to him. A fine friendship ensued. Eventually they were floated to the rehabilitation paddocks where they reside contentedly with other geldings.

He still becomes stressed if he feels pressured at times. A calm, gentle approach relaxes him and he is a character ever so eager to please.

It's a pleasure to accept a frightened donkey, restore his personality, find him a best friend and watch his happiness grow.