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Why straw is an essential

Straw is an essentialStraw is an essential addition to a donkey's diet. It provides coarse fibre, roughage and bulk that is needed for digestion and dietary balance for good health and weight control.

Straw is the ideal accompaniment to grassy pasture. The chewing of straw ensures the dental requirements of the donkey are challenged, helping to maintain their molars in good order, as well as aiding digestion and passage of food through the intestinal tract.

Straw is the long, cream-yellow-coloured stem or stalk that remains from oaten or wheaten cereal crops, after the grainhead has been harvested. The sundried stems or stalks are mown, raked and baled.

Donkey Welfare With Heart supplies bundles of fresh, sweet, mould-free straw in low feeders for the donkeys in care to nibble as they so desire. While the straw ration is not consumed as eagerly as pasture hay, it disappears from the feeder and constant replenishment of the supply is necessary.

As a result of the current record breaking drought, straw is impossible to source locally. An interstate shipment for the donkeys' autumn supplies is to be delivered soon with transport fees adding to the cost of the highly sought after essential fodder. Please make a donation to the straw expenses.