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Your donations will help the donkeys in this stressful flood time.

Twice in one year we are flooded and will suffer major losses of pasture. The need for hay and straw has trebled and the hay deliveries to stranded DWWH donkeys, and many privately owned donkeys in need, has kept volunteers very busy.

Read below a brief report from volunteer Caylin King.

Water, water everywhere!☔🌊
The Heartland is once again underwater due to the torrential rain and flooding rivers raging through the Hunter and Northern NSW.
Knowing the floods were coming our way, we moved the donkey herd up to safety on our high country.
However, now that the rivers have peaked the middle ground of the property is underwater, cutting the land in half and trapping the donkeys up on high.
Access through neighbouring propertys is our only way to the donkeys.
We have restocked our hay supplies in the High Country so the donkeys should be well fed until the waters reced, baring we have no more rain.
We are thankful that the flooding is not as deep as we had in March, though it is no less damaging and we are hoping it will drain and dry out soon.