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The Covid 19 Combat Classic

‘The Show must go on!’ was the statement that encouraged  the 2020, once-in-every-four-years,  Donkey Olympics Championship Show. The 2020 show had to be virtual. Entries were selected from trials for preparation, presentation and performance, along with the Tiddly-Winx mini class, and handicap class for disabled  ‘heart-of-gold’ donkeys.
The judging-draw was honest and fair amid respected officials, offering genuine winning chances.

Congratulations to the winners who have been notified by email with a photograph and token trophy in the mail

Team Donkey Welfare, together with loyal supporters’ video entries produced a fine VIRTUAL Donkey Olympics 2020 result. During 2019 and in the New Year 2020, donkeys eligible for entry to the Olympics planned for May, were trained and groomed for their particular events.

The consistent training enjoyed by all the donkeys showed they were in good form to fill an encouraging line-up to be presented before the judge. Elimination rounds were staged to reveal outstanding donkeys that were marked for eligibility trials. Over a period of days the trials were undertaken and completed. Some of the donkeys were videoed (a few examples are shown below), to ensure willingness, eagerness, a smooth gait, extended stride and forward moving elegance in their classes to impress the judge.

The final number of entries closed at 45 donkeys. These presented well for the trials and they set the benchmark for their classes. The numerous class listings included Juvenile, Intermediate and Senior age donkeys, small standard, standard-size and large standard-size classes. Debutants, novices and maiden start categories were sorted. The popular special needs ‘heart-of-gold’ donkeys (who have recovered with our good care from a history of injury/neglect/starvation/mistreatment), eagerly participated in the special needs trial classes.

The working donkey classes include negotiating obstacle courses, led, driven-in-long-reins and the skilled snigging classes.The timed obstacle course classes brings the team of handler and donkey’s agility, athleticism and control on show at its best, as every second counts.

Competitors enter videos of their well-turned-out, confident, well-trained donkeys. Judges look for the most outstanding entry in the field from which they select 1st, 2nd and 3rd placing. An elimination exhibition is the finale, to decide the champions and the coveted supreme champion award. There was anticipation and excitement at the start of 2020, but then the Covid 19 restrictions were imposed, preventing the staging of the spectator supported Donkey Olympics. Nothing stops team donkey welfare. The Olympics was judged virtually from a selection of trialled donkeys, with fair and honest results awarded.

The grand celebration open day, planned for when the Covid 19 restrictions are lifted, will be at The Heartland presenting THE COVID 19 CONQUEST CHAMPIONSHIPS CUP. The challenge GRAND PARADE of all the virtual Olympics drawn place getters will produce the winner of the CUP, drawn and announced at the open day. There will be the presentation of The ISOLATION GUINEAS AWARD, QUARANTINE CARE CUP, THE VIRUS VARIATION PLATE, the RECOVERY ROUND-UP. The final event will be the LOCKDOWN LAP AND LEAP OF HONOUR of all the champions of the virtual 2020 Donkey Olympics.

You will be welcome to attend! Please register for the open day Championships invitation by text to 0497580598 or email

All thanks, Christine E. Berry OAM.


Tiddlywinks trials, triple lead

Tiddlywinx trials, tandem lead

Intermediate gelding and lady handler trial