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A melancholy ending to 2020

We wished the large van had a roof to prevent rain spoiling our supplies. Only one statue remains but their panniers are smashed. The SES received our anxious call but were unable to help at all. Rain soaked the interiors through broken glass, including the overnight van that sheltered many people and dogs evacuated from their homes during the bushfires earlier this year. Everything in between the vans was crushed. Thankfully there were no injuries as no volunteers were in the vans at the time of the tornado. Ripped outer walls and broken windows can be seen in these photos. The entire walls are visibly stressed and buckled. A kind nearby farmer pulled the van onto its wheels with his tractor. Volunteers spent days disposing of all the large crushed items. Using a crowbar to open the door they began the internal clean-up and placed plastic over glassless windows. Our little hamlet has gone. A melancholy ending to 2020.

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