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No donkeys are in danger now. Volunteers walked 60 donkeys to the safety of The High Country before the water rose.
The they began at dawn transporting many frail, fragile, aged or very young to safety before the rivers swelled and broke the banks.

Pic of icu gateway!! It gets worse once in the muster areas. There are 17 donkeys in icu now safe from they’re floating environments.

We have had to buy a dozen waterproof rugs/hoods as some donkeys have no shed protection and cannot stand in fetlock deep mud and chill in the rain.

There is overload and overcrowding everywhere but better than drowning if left in the region paddocks.

Straw/hay/chaff is the only food the 17 icu donkeys have to eat as grazing is nil.
They’re all doing well under the circumstances. The workload is demanding. There is not a dry spot anywhere.

Una is a 46 year old jenny - she absolutely needs extra tlc, ( una is pictured). She has been given her own shed, with a feed-bin constantly filled with chaff. She cannot now die from exposure, chills or starvation. She is safely tucked away as best we can provide under the circumstances.

Please send a donation to help with exorbitant feed costs plus rugs and so much more in demand.

Text 0497 580 598 for further information.